Tumble Method
Private Training

The waitlist is currently FULL for 2024.
Please check back on January 1, 2025, to register for available slots.

There are currently several options for training. We have four rosters:

  1. In-person ACTIVE (Full)
  2. In-person STANDBY (Full)
  3. In-person WAITLIST (Full)
  4. Virtual online training (Open)

See below for more information.


The ACTIVE roster consists of 20 athletes who undergo year-round training with Tumble Method, focusing on specific long-term training objectives. Skill and goal assessments occur semi-annually to ensure athletes meet appropriate benchmarks for optimal success in their sport. An athlete may be dismissed from the roster if training expectations are not met. This roster is by invitation only.


The STANDBY roster consists of 10 athletes. This roster allows those to train during available drop-in spots at Tumble Method. Athletes on this roster are expected to have short-term training goals.

A notification will be sent when drop-in spots become available, and they will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event of a permanent opening on the active roster, a new athlete will be invited from the standby roster.

NOTE: To secure a spot on the standby roster, it is a prerequisite to have undergone an initial lesson with Coach Ashley. Scheduling of your first lesson is scheduled according to the waitlist.


The WAITLIST accommodates a maximum of 20 athletes. It serves those eager to train with Tumble Method while awaiting a spot on the standby roster. The waitlist process generally takes 9 months or more before transitioning to the standby roster. An email notification will be sent when a spot becomes available on the standby roster.

Upon reaching full capacity, the waitlist will be closed until the following year. Please revisit our website in January to submit a form to sign up for any available waitlist spots. If any spots become available during the year, it will be announced on Instagram (@tumblemethod).

NOTE: Due to a high volume of inquiries, we are unable to respond to emails and/or Instagram DMs regarding your position on the waitlist. We appreciate your patience!


VIRTUAL training is intended for athletes that are not local to the Orlando area. This training works best for the following athletes:

1. Those specializing in tumbling/acro up to the backhandspring level are encouraged to train to progress and enhance their skills. For upper-level skills such as a back tuck and beyond, training will primarily involve strengthening drills.

2. Flyers that are training body positions and/or need accountability practice at home. During these sessions, athletes will receive instruction on the fundamentals, engage in relevant drills, and receive feedback on their current flexibility and mobility. This option caters to both novice and seasoned flyers and dancers, offering valuable guidance for skill development and refinement.

3. For those interested in cheerleading but unsure where to begin, we have an upcoming online course launching early 2024, which is designed to prepare you for tryouts. If you desire personalized feedback on your motions, jumps, tumbling, and/or stunting skills, we recommend scheduling an online lesson through CoachUp, where Coach Ashley is ranked the number one Cheer & Tumbling coach worldwide.


Training online ensures individualized guidance and support to enhance your skills. Here are the steps to book a lesson:

  1. Sign up HERE
  2. Message Coach Ashley on the CoachUp platform.
  3. Confirm date/time.
  4. Complete payment.
  5. Receive session link and password.

See you at your session!


Does an athlete have to be a certain age?
In-person training starts as early as three years old.
Virtual training starts at five years old.

What sports do you specialize in?
Tumble Method specializes in tumbling/acro for cheerleaders, gymnasts, dancers, and martial artists. We also provide mobility and flexibility training for baseball, basketball, and soccer players.

Why are there a limited number of spots available?
Due to the specificity of services that Tumble Method offers, finding highly qualified instructors is challenging. Time is limited and we keep our numbers low to be able to maintain high energy for every client. If you know a coach that is interested in joining our team, have them email [email protected].

Why does it take so long to get off of the waitlist?
We take pride in our exceptionally high retention rates. However, when a spot becomes available, several factors influence the allocation, with location being a key consideration. As a predominantly mobile company, we operate in specific areas on designated days. Please be aware that the popularity of certain areas may result in varying wait times, and your understanding of these dynamics is greatly appreciated.

How do virtual lessons work?
Virtual lessons are facilitated through Zoom within a secure, password-protected room. Your lesson will begin promptly at the scheduled time, concentrating on predetermined drills and skills that are established during the booking process. This format ensures a focused and personalized virtual learning experience for athletes.